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Access to this Website may involve the use of cookies. Cookies are small amounts of information that are stored in the browser used by each User - in the different devices that you can use to navigate - so that the server remembers certain information that later and only the server that implemented it will read. Cookies facilitate navigation, make it more friendly, and do not damage the navigation device.

The information collected through cookies may include the date and time of visits to the Website, the pages viewed, the time that has been on the Website and the sites visited just before and after it. However, no cookie allows it to contact the User's phone number or any other means of personal contact. No cookie can extract information from the user's hard disk or steal personal information. The only way for the User's private information to be part of the Cookie file is for the user to personally give that information to the server.

Cookies that identify a person are considered personal data. Therefore, the Privacy Policy described above will apply to them. In this sense, the User's consent will be necessary to use them. This consent will be communicated, based on an authentic choice, offered by an affirmative and positive decision, before the initial, removable and documented treatment.


L'accès à ce Web site peut imply l'utilisation of cookies. Les cookies are from petites quantités d'informations stockées dans le navigateur I used for utilization chaque - dans les différents appareils that vous pouvez utiliser pour naviguer - sorte that will serve you garde in mémoire certaines informations that seul le serveur qui them impémentées lira. The cookies facilitate navigation, rendent plus conviviale et n'endommagent pas l'appareil de navigation.

Les informations collectées par le biais de cookies peuvent includes the date et l'heure des visites sur le website, les pages consultées, l'heure affichée sur le site Web et les sites visits juste avant et après. Cependant, even cookie and lui permet de contacter le telephone number of l'utilisateur ou tout autre moyen of contact personnel. A cookie and peut extraire des des informations du disque dur de l'utilisateur nor voler des informations personnelles. It is said that the informations deprived of l'utilisateur fassent partie of the fichier cookie are that l'utilisateur donne personnellement ces informations au serveur.

The cookies that identify a person are considered comme des données personnelles. Par consquent, the confidentiality policy deci ci-dessus s'appliquera à eux. In ce sens, the consentement de l'utilisateur will be nécessaire pour les utiliser. Ce consentement will be communiqué, south of the base of a choix authentique, offert par un décision affirmative et positive, avant le traitement initial, removable et documenté.