Program that covers all the economic management needs of a religious congregation.

The need for accountability. Accountability is an attitude that involves sharing options, actions and results. The legitimate autonomy of the Institutes is linked to the responsibility in the management options and in the modalities of their performance, rendering accounts as established in universal and proper law. ”
Operational indications included in “Economy at the service of the charism and mission. Orientations Vatican Documents Collection.

Egaraset has designed a program that covers the economic management needs of a religious congregation.

Often, congregations or communities do not have any solvent tools that allow them to record their day-to-day expenses and income, and be able to account rigorously as established by canonical regulations.

The financial-accounting management program “will help you to:

  • Lead the management of the province, works or services of the congregation and communities.
  • Have very tidy and controlled finances.
  • Comply with the guidelines of the Vatican Dicasteri regarding the economic organization of religious congregations.
  • Efficiently manage the accounting management of the provinces since it is the solution to the unification of provinces.
  • Visualize in a consolidated way all the information of the province, communities and works.


Currently, the program is part of the life of:

* More than 1400 users / use our program and receive support.
* 1000 communities.
* 200 works.
* 30 economists worldwide.


Managing accounting and finance with the Egaraset program will bring you peace of mind and comfort, since you will have a tool to report information to the general house following canonical regulations.