Program specially designed to manage and administer the stable heritage of the congregation following Dicasteri.

«The institutes carry out a deep reflection on how to value real estate assets that are compatible with the nature of the ecclesiastical asset».
Orientations 79

All congregations are required to have an inventory of their stable assets: real estate, financial products and precious objects.

And often, reliable and essential data are not available to carry out equity valuation. And even, the documentary management of the heritage is dispersed and little ordered.

The Real Estate Heritage program will help you to:

  • Have an Inventory of all ecclesiastical real estate.
  • Register all the legal, cadastral, urban planning or management documents of unified and ordered works and projects.
  • Comply with the guidelines of the Vatican Dicastery regarding the economic organization of religious congregations.

Currently, the program is part of the life of:

  • More than 1400 users / se who already use our program and receive support.
  • 1000 communities
  • 200 works
  • 30 provincial economists worldwide.

Managing real estate assets with the Egaraset program will allow you to have key information to correctly manage the real estate assets of a province or house following canonical regulations.